July 29, 2010

So I got a new header. It’s my favourite photo, and I’m so glad I finally found it.  I’ve been searching all over…well, the internet. I also got the name of the artist, Gregory Crewdson. His photos are pure awesomeness. Not so much thinspo though.  


Sorry, my blog has ben down latley… I’m just a bit scared that my ma will find out what I’m doing. She has the eyes like an eagle, nothing runs through her fingers. So there’s my reason.

Ok, about my weight. I’m to afraid to go near the scare right now. I can already see my fat body grow bigger every minute, and my beautiful bones disappear. Sad isn’t it?

Today I’ve eaten almost a nentire pizza, which is about 600 kcal, and a peach, which camout of calories I have no idea. As for workout, my knee broke down during a run. I got like a half mile away from our house, so I could get home pretty easy. Anyway I wont be able to workout anymore, except for my situps.

And also my dear but few readers, I’ve found a blog with awesome thinspo. – It’s swedish, so you’ll have to translate it, but it’s worth it!

Stay strong gals and guys!

Ow, almost forgot. Here’s a pic from the blog.


July 26, 2010

I know I haven’t posted any thinspo latley. I’m totally addicted to it, but sadly you can’t see it through my blog. But here is two pictures that I hope will keep you motivated.

Ribs – Me like


July 25, 2010

Fucking versteur aerach idioot mannlige hore bastardo!

Go to hell and never come back!


July 24, 2010

I binged yesterday, today and probably tomorrow too. I wish I could turn my hunger of for a minute, and just let go of everything I’m addicted to.

So I could get thin.

I’m gonna go for  a long walk tomorrow though. Wish me luck everyone.

The worst.

July 24, 2010

To not be able to talk to the one you like.

To not be able to show the one you like that you even exist.

That is one of the worlds most horrible pains in the world.

But to not be liked back because you are fat.

That’s the worst one you could ever imagine.

Fail – But thin

July 23, 2010

Just so you gals know… I binged today. I hope I die or something. Or get thin.

I want – I wont get

July 20, 2010

I want to be thin.

I want to be beautiful.

I want to live.

I want to smile.

I want to feel pretty.

I want the guy I like.


 Well if you miss her mouth and screw it up a bit
You can impress her when you say,
“Darling each and every day life slips away”


July 20, 2010